(a partial list – containing most of the major updates)

Major Features:

  • Native DAZ Studio integration (no separate bridge needed)
  • NVIDIA GPU support

Interface Additions:

  • New Cloth import assistant
  • New Hair import assistant
  • Simple morph-based dynamics for DAZ Studio (e.g. breast/butt jiggle)
  • Improved English Language support (hints/popups/errors)
  • Dual-mode toggle buttons = displayed with italics – actuated/toggled with Ctrl-click, mostly used as toggles to enable/disable functions.

Import helpers:

  • Virtual ‘spring’ optimizations for the simulation engine
  • ‘Rip’ file import: import only dynamic-actors
  • Selections based on selections used in previously saved ‘rip’ files

Collision-item imports:

  • Collision-item mesh sub-division
  • re-do/re-import w Collision Parameters apply button
  • Animation pre-recording and caching for collision-items

Dynamic-actor imports:

  • New node-weight setting
  • New self-collision controls (added modes and single/dual side sensing)
  • New stiffening fine-tuning controls (spring reduction)
  • Volume-based simulations of closed-mesh dynamic actors (e.g. jello) (uses the GMSH 3.0.6 free utility for preparation)


  • NVIDIA GPU support (results may differ from CPU simulations)
  • Simulation reset option
  • Simulation Inflation force
  • Simulation Wind updates: adjust while running, pre-calculated wind sequences
  • Dynamic deformation: added larger/adjustable deformation ‘brush’
  • Simulation ‘stress’ viewer

Vertices Selection:

  • New selection and selection memory features
  • New ‘Soft Selection’ of vertices! (selection edge gradation/softening)
  • New selection ‘outline’ feature (select only the outline vertices of a group of selected vertices.)
  • Show normals of selected vertices
  • Scan for items based on existing vertices selections
  • Cut number of selected vertices in half (random dist)

Forces and springs:

  • Localized shrink and softness settings for selected areas
  • Animate by host – let the host-application animate parts of a dynamic mesh.
  • Enable localized collision behaviors on specific areas of cloth/hair
  • Cut in 2/Export, Cut all/Usemtl: DAZ Studio mesh ‘chopping’ tools to allow for mixing/matching mesh parts in a single scene. Uses clever selection-based cuts, material-based cuts, to carve out new sub-sections of meshes in DAZ Studio scene for continued manipulation/simulations (‘mesh bashing’ rather than ‘kit-bashing’)
  • Neighborhood/Selected based stiffening control – stiffen only selection, ignoring neighbors or stiffen only neighbors, ignoring selection


  • Save Full DAZ Scene (to a sub-folder in the VWD Exchange/Scene folder)
  • Material and Animation ‘re-apply’ for DS scene reloads
  • Dynamic Morphs (DAZ Studio – map simulation springs to morph-controllers for body dynamics and other effects)
  • ModifUVMap in OBJ File – UVmap manipulation tool
  • Weld vertices – Utility to weld-together nearly identical vertices. Works on any OBJ meshfile.
  • Animation Correction – alter collision-item meshes in animations so they do not interpenetrate (e.g. alter hands going through hips on walk cycles).
  • Compute Segment counts and lengths (on dynamic-actors)

Other improvements:

  • Bug-fixes and Documentation updates
  • VWD dynamic animation cache to Maya animation conversion utility
  • Program efficiency improvements
  • Preset saving (rip, wind, simulation, dyn-morph)

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