Program Status:

The latest official VWD Cloth & Hair Release:

V1.1.522.3630_206702 – 2017/05/18 11:52

A time-limited Version 2 Pre-Release beta available for current owners (will work through 2019/12/28):

V2.2.908.6404 beta – 2019/11/24 9:23 – expires 2019/12/28

Official product downloads and documentation are currently available in your account, or by request via “support (at) virtualworlddynamics (dot) net” for those who purchased VWD’s Cloth & Hair directly.

Help and Support:

If you’d like to ask questions, trade tips and tricks with other customers, or otherwise study and contribute to our growing knowledge-base, take a look at the various forum threads found here at

Renderosity’s VWD Support Forums (offsite link)

We have an ever-growing collection of tutorial pages and video lessons available here on our site:

VWD’s YouTube Channel (offsite link)

Information and resources of interest may be found at our Patreon page, where we expect to offer tidbits of help and product enhancements to those who would like to sponsor our activities in an ongoing manner:

VWD’s Patreon Page ( (offsite link)

If after reviewing these resources you still need additional assistance, perhaps we can direct you to the relevant resources, or help you directly via:

support (at) virtualworlddynamics (dot) net

and we’ll see what we can do to help.