VWD Cloth & Hair Version 2.2, Full version w/ Native Poser and DAZ Studio Integration (Windows only)

VWD’s Cloth & Hair is our complete Windows-based 3D mesh motion simulation engine, offering native plugin compatibility with recent versions of Bondware Inc.’s Poser (9+/Pro-2012+) and DAZ Inc.’s DAZ Studio 4.10+. (Using the VWD bridge product below, this core simulation environment can also be used with DAZ 3D’s Carrara 8.5 Product.)

VWD’s Cloth & Hair features full-spectrum dynamic simulation capabilities, allowing users to control virtually all of the available parameter settings and interactions, including gravity, wind, inflation, and inertia, as-well-as global and localized hair and cloth properties such as elasticity, stiffness, and weight. This simulation engine enables the generation and saving of still-frame snapshots, animation sequences, and generated mesh deformations that can be exported and used in general 3D workflows.

Please Note: The VWD Cloth & Hair application is neither a 3D scene setup tool, nor is it a rendering tool or engine. It is designed to manipulate 3D meshes as if they were physically real, and return the results to the host-application scene for the requisite texturing, lighting, camera-work, and final rendering steps.

VWD Cloth & Hair Version 2.2 – Full Upgrade Version, for all owners of our Cloth & Hair 1.x version (Windows only)

If you are a current owner of VWD’s Cloth & Hair V1.x product (full or lite versions), you can leverage that investment and purchase the complete full version as an upgrade and save!

This Upgrade Version, when authorized with the presence of the proper VWD Cloth & Hair V1.x application file, will generate the complete Version 2 installation package (as sold above) of the VWD Cloth and Hair product.

Note: Direct buyers of the original V1.x may need to contact us directly (via our support page) to acquire the specific VWD Cloth & Hair V1.x version required to activate this upgrade version. We will honor all legitimate purchases from all sources! Please get in touch if you have questions or problems.

Cloth & Hair Bridge for DAZ Carrara 8.5 Users (Windows only)

Renderosity vendor ‘philemot’ still offers his original VWD-to-Carrara bridge plugin product that enables Carrara users to integrate VWD’s Cloth & Hair (V1.x and V2.x) simulations into their workflow.

Important! This particular product does NOT include the base VWD Cloth & Hair product! The core application must be purchased separately (see above)! This is a bridge product that allows VWD’s Cloth & Hair application to communicate directly with DAZ Carrara v8.5.

(Note: while we at VWD encourage and appreciate such Add-On products, we cannot guarantee or support products that we haven’t produced and tested ourselves. This link is provided as a convenience to our users.)

Warning: We will never state or imply that this simulation process, or the use of this product is simple!


While the results of this system are clearly seductive and unquestionably amazing, using this (or any) powerful simulation engine/tool carries with it a certain complexity that cannot be avoided.

Adding to the complexity is the wide variability in 3D mesh designs, densities, and quality – all characteristics that cannot help but affect the results of any simulation engine, including VWD’s Cloth & Hair.

While efforts are constantly being made to simplify the program’s use in many common scenarios, the only way to achieve specific and advanced results is with an understanding of the tools and the meshes being simulated. This process can be as much of an art as it is a science. We are continually working to further simplify and clarify the various settings and their effects, but it will never be an easy tool to master for every available mesh.

To avoid disappointing our curious and ambitious potential customers, we offer a free functional, but no-save demonstration version of our Cloth & Hair application on our support page. Please consider trying this demonstration version before you buy, to see if you like the way it works within your workflow, and to see how well it works on your specific computer systems.