The VWD Cloth & Hair product is designed to allow for the production of images and animations that capture the natural motion and flow of hair and clothing in a variety of scene contexts. That said, it is actually a general purpose 3D-mesh dynamic simulation engine that can be used to produce an infinite number of dynamic ‘distortions’ on any 3D-mesh that you may wish to apply such ‘forces’ to.

Realistic motion in virtual worlds…

With the explosion of computing power and software that’s become available to everyone from CG-FX Industry leaders to the most casual hobbiests, the 3D graphics industry is growing in leaps and bounds.

VWD’s ‘Cloth & Hair’ product at work

What magic will you conjure while using VWD’s Cloth & Hair? Join us as we explore and exploit this amazing new resource toolkit – We can’t wait to see what you do with it!

Not just for Clothes and Hair…

Features and Uses

  • Program Compatibility (Windows only)
    • Native plugin integration with Poser
    • Add-On bridges exist for use with DAZ Studio and DAZ Carrara
  • Generate still images or image sequences (animations)
  • Use any existing 3D-mesh product (note that results will vary, depending on mesh density and polygon uniformity)
  • Use the results of earlier simulations as the basis for later simulations to create complex layered interactions
  • Multiple collision objects can exist in a simulation
  • Manually pull and push cloth and hair scene elements while the simulation is running for complete control of your results
  • By pre-sizing and pre-fitting clothes and hair meshes to your figures, almost any 3D-mesh item can be used with almost any 3D-mesh figure (e.g. DAZ Victoria 4 clothes or hair can be used with DAZ Genesis 8 generation figures – male or female!)
  • Wind, gravity, and inertia can be applied and varied for specific effects.
  • Various collision and mesh interaction parameters can be adjusted when particular conditions require special tuning.
  • Parts of clothes can be ‘attached’ to still and moving figures to control fabric slippage
  • Accessories can be ‘attached’ to figures and clothes to prevent unwelded 3D-meshes from ‘falling apart’ during simulations.
  • Simulations can be applied to any 3D-mesh, allowing for experiments and uses that nobody has thought of yet…
  • Although the various host plugin interfaces will vary with the host (e.g. DAZ Studio or Poser), once in VWD’s Cloth & Hair application, it is always the same program and interface, so once you learn it, you can use it in any of your supported applications (DAZ Studio, Poser, Carrara – sorry, currently windows only!)
  • Many demo and tutorials are available (esp. on YouTube) to help with basic and advanced usage scenarios.

Please note that using this powerful simulation engine/tool implies a certain complexity that cannot be avoided. While efforts have been made to simplify the program’s use in many typical use-cases, to achieve specific and advanced results, a more thorough study and understanding of the tool will be required. We are continually working to further simplify and clarify the various settings and their effects.