VWD V2.x Beta – 3rd release

The updated V2.x (v2.2.908.6404) beta version is available to everyone who has purchased VWD 1.x (From Renderosity or directly from Gérald). This version has full functionality, including updates since the previous Beta, and expires on December 28, 2019.

If you were already registered with us for the previous beta, you should have received an email notification at the same address. If you did not receive that notification, please let us know, and please check the same account you used to download the previous beta version. The package should be available in your account. (Note that because it is a beta, we cannot distribute it at Renderosity). The real release will be sold at Renderosity and distributed via the normal Renderosity account.

Remember to download the latest version, as your other products may also be available there as well. ( v2.2.908.6404 – ~23Megs).

If you own VWD 1.x and you wish to try this time-limited, but fully functional beta version, send your request to us (with an order number or Rendo username so we can confirm your ownership) to support@virtualworlddynamics.net and we’ll get you a copy.

More information on the actual update (features, etc.) to come.

Thanks all!