A V2.x Beta Opportunity

For current owners, we’ve decided to build a time-limited V2.x Beta version that doesn’t suffer from the DAZ Studio 4.11 update crash-bug experienced by users of the VWD 1.x and DS-Bridge combination. This lets the DS 4.11 users keep getting work done, and allows anyone else who wants to help us test and to experiment with the upcoming V2.x features.

VWD Cloth & Hair V1.x owners that use Poser, DS 4.10 (with philemot’s DS-Bridge) and/or Carrara (with philemot’s Carrara-Bridge) don’t have to do anything, as they should be unaffected, but are also welcome to request and experiment with this new version. (Note that V1 and V2 can’t both be installed at the same time – it’s either/or). Just send us a quick note.

Anyone who wants to try this time-limited but full-featured V2.x version can simply send us a quick request at “support (at) virtualworlddynamics (dot) net” (or PM us at ‘VirtualWorldDynamics’ at renderosity.com). We will provide our fully functional stable V2.x beta version (documentation has not yet been created) that will run through November 1, 2019, 4 months from now, and a full month after the September 30, 2019 target release date for VWD Cloth & Hair, V2.

Follow and join our support discussions at the Renderosity.com VWD forums for the latest usage information and news.