VWD Cloth & Hair: Version 2 is coming!

Drawing from the extensive feedback shared by our most avid users, a variety of fixes and enhancements will be part of the upcoming Version 2.0 release.

Native DAZ Studio Integration

Native DAZ Studio (DS) integration will allow VWD owners to expand their toolkit to take advantage of native DAZ Studio assets in their images and animations. Integrated as a native DS plugin, users will still use the familiar VWD plugin interface to interact with the simulation engine, but the start-up and data transfer between the two applications will be seamless and responsive.

New Hair and Cloth Assistants

To help with the initial setup and configuration of your simulated mesh items, new ‘assistants’ have been created to ease the application of materials to these scene elements like clothes and hair. Materials like ‘cotton’ and ‘leather’ will be available for clothing items. Hair can be configured to be ‘flat’ or ‘wavy’, and ‘short’ or ‘long’ to help users quickly configure their scene elements using familiar terms

Under-the-hood Fixes and Enhancements

As with any complex software product, ongoing issues have been identified and resolved. Internal code libraries have been reviewed and reworked for stability and performance improvements.

Education and Documentation

A series of written and video tutorials are being produced for this release to help all of our users to better understand both the basic program features, as well as some of the more subtle and powerful capabilities that are built into the system.

It is our hope that by making the incredible power and complexity of VWD’s Cloth & Hair settings more accessible and understandable, that our users can spend more time making brilliant art, and we can invest more time improving this incredible product. To this end we are working to simplify the interface elements, and to add short and simple tutorial pages and videos to our ever-growing collection.