VWD’s Cloth & Hair

Our flagship Cloth & Hair product transforms static 3D-polygon-meshes into surfaces that seem to ebb and flow like naturally flowing fabrics and hair. Simulate motion with your 3D-mesh items, then integrate the results into your 3D scenes as still images or animated sequences. The function of our product can be best described visually:

Using our tool, either generate still-frame images by ‘draping’ cloth and hair items onto static (or moving) figures and scene items, saving the perfect moment as a single frame for rendering:

…or, integrate natural flowing cloth and hair simulations into your full-length animation projects:

Clothes, Flags, Blankets, Hair, Ribbons – you name it, VWD’s Cloth & Hair can simulate these elements into flexible materials having natural interactions with other elements in your 3D scenes. These simulations involve influences like friction, gravity, wind, and even custom-defined arbitrary forces. Almost every characteristic of every element can be adjusted, meaning you can get exactly the effect you wish, be it realistic or abstract!

There are no limits to the creative applications of these tools in your 3D scenes and animations!