Stunning 3D mesh dynamics!

Virtual World Dynamic’s Windows-based flagship Cloth & Hair product is used to transform static 3D-polygon-meshes into dynamic surfaces that seem to ebb and flow like naturally flowing fabrics and hair in your 3D scenes and workflows.

As a plugin designed for use with the 3D scene-creation and rendering applications DAZ Studio, Poser, and DAZ Carrara*, you can simulate amazingly natural motion with your digital 3D mesh items, then integrate the results into your host-application 3D scenes as still images and animated sequences, or you can export these sculpted 3D meshes for use in any of your 3D projects and workflows.

Static Images?

Using our tools, users can either generate still-frame images by ‘draping’ 3D cloth and hair mesh items onto static (or moving) 3D mesh figures and scene items, saving the perfect moment as a single frame for rendering…

Dynamic Animations?

…or, generate and integrate naturally animated cloth and hair simulations into your full-length animation projects…

Animation – Cloth & Hair used to simulate DAZ d-force clothing.
Any 3D mesh from your chosen host-application!

Clothes, Flags, Blankets, Hair, Ribbons – you name it, VWD’s Cloth & Hair can simulate these 3D mesh scene elements into flexible materials having natural interactions with other elements in your 3D scenes.

Inputs: Any 3D mesh that can be loaded into your supported host-application(s) can also be imported into VWD’s Cloth & Hair and simulated! This also includes 3D mesh products that have been designed for use with DAZ’s d-force, Poser’s cloth-room, DAZ dynamic-cloth-control.

Parameters: These simulations will involve influences like friction, gravity, wind, inflation, stiffness, stickiness, weight, and even custom-defined arbitrary forces. Almost every characteristic of every element can be adjusted, meaning you can get exactly the effect you wish, be it realistic or abstract! If you wish, you can simulate all or parts of a given 3D mesh scene element.

Outputs: Once the results of your 3D simulation adventures are returned to to your host-application(s), you can export the mesh snapshots in any form that your host-application supports, and you can export the animation sequences if the the host-application allows it, or convert them to multiple formats with a handy conversion tool.

If you take the time and energy to master VWD’s Cloth and Hair application in your digital toolkit, there are no limits to the creative uses and results of these tools in your 3D scenes, animations, and workflows!

Please Note: The VWD Cloth & Hair product is neither a 3D scene setup tool, nor is it a rendering tool or engine. It is designed to manipulate 3D meshes as if they were physically real, and return the results to the host-application scene for the requisite texturing, lighting, camera-work, and final rendering.

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